Unveiling Replica painting of SPOLIARIUM by Juan Luna

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The Philippine Folikife Museum Foundation in cooperation and partnership with the Office of
Consulate General in San Francisco and Philippine Center Management Board on June 16, 2023, happily unveiled a beautiful replica of the SPOLIARIUM, a renowned painting by Filipino painter, Juan Luna. The painting recreates the despoiling scene in a Roman circus where dead gladiators are stripped of weapons and garments. Juan Luna garnered first gold medal (out of three) from the Exposicion Nacional de Belles Artes in 1884 in Madrid.
The replica painting was donated to the Philippine Folklife Museum by Margarita Baxter-
Lazaro, daughter of the late Dona Esperanza Baxter.

The SPOLIARIUM is a permanent exhibit at the Museo Ng Lahing Pilipino/Philippine Folklife Museum and is available for viewing at the 5 th floor Philippine Consulate Building 447 Sutter St. San Francisco, CA 94108. The Museum is open daily M-F 10:00AM – 5:00PM.

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